Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nancy Dobbratz Quilts

One of the hardest things about leaving Oregon and moving to Minnesota in 2008 was leaving my quilting friends behind!

Picutre #1 My friend Cathy Smith of Bend and I both had purchased this quilt kit from your store a few years ago. We finally finished it and here is Cathys.

Picture #2 Cathy Smiths Quail Applique Quilt

Picture #3 In February Cathy came to visit me in Minnesota. For one week we quilted 11 of our quilt tops! Here are all our finished projects We decided to do it annually. A local quilt shop rents computerized quilting machines by the hour. We had a riot the week we spent there quilting, laughing and sharing our lives.

Picture #4 My "As Time Goes By" Quilt...we got this pattern and fabric on a shop hop in Central Washington in 2007. I finished and quilted it in 2009 for a good friend.

We always enjoyed stopping at your shop on our way to the fall Portland Quilt Expo. And of course...we still have some UFO's from our visits!

Nancy Dobbratz


  1. Wow! These ladies don't mess around! They are beautiful...

  2. I agree! The Pine Needle ladies are the BEST quilters around!!!!!

  3. I LOVE to see what our ladies create! Keep those lovely photos coming in.

    FYI.........for those of you who know me personally, I am now a GIGI ( that is a grandma in my world) A boy baby that needs a quilt from his GIGI........now what do I do????