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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WestSide Modern June Meeting

Notes from June WestSide Modern Club Meeting

The Northwest Quilting Expo is just around the corner.

  •  Classes are online and can be signed up for here.
  • There is going to be a wearable art show and wine tasting Friday night the 26th,
  • Laura Wasilowski is one of our featured guest speakers and teacher
  • Our Bridge quilts are a featured exhibit -- we need some more Sellwood and Burnside. We need the quilts in August beginning Aug 15th, and for sure by Sept 1.
  • The great reveal will be in August - date TBA

 Row by Row Experience begins July 1 nation-wide shop hop.  This is our row.

Hi-lites of new books and patterns and fabrics:

American Made Brand
at a great price of $7.75
Stitch 'N Swap By: Jake Finch
Daily Zen: Quilts & Projects

Best tool = seam roller It's arched so it doesn't score the fabric. Great for short seams and paper piecing and pressing seams open also great with shapes with bias edges. Steam will stretch the seams, this doesn't! 

We're offering a Machine Quilting class this Fall- by Christina Cameli, author of "First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting". This is a great book with do-able projects.  Buckets, pillows table runners. She's very encouraging. 

Show and Tell

Terry's Intuitive Quilt

Linda's Modern Quilt
Mallory's Retreat Quilt
 Maxine shared two quilt tops made with the same fabrics.

Pam's Blue and Yellow Batik Star
Ellen's off-centered circles quilted by Debbie Scroggy

Guest Speaker - Violet Craft 

Violet (the designer of the bridge fabric), showed us her 4th line of fabrics called Brambleberry Ridge - due to be released soon.  It depicts her love of mid century, her grandmother's aqua blue house, mirrored gold tiles, and costume jewelry.  All of her collections have to do with Portland and the Northwest. This collection is very soft.

She also shared some quilts and pillows made with this fabric.

Breeze Blossoms Pillows
Broken Herringbone -class coming this Fall to the Pine Needle
Breeze Blossoms

Forest Abstractions - Block of the Month Class coming this Fall to The Pine Needle

July Meeting - DATE CHANGE

Tuesday, July 22nd is our next meeting 
with guest speaker Michelle Friedman from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild who will talk about Improvisational Quilting.

Monday, June 16, 2014

WestSide Modern May Meeting Notes

Hi-Lights and Emerging Trends from Quilt Market

  • Cotton and Steel by RJR
    5 designers. Watch for their fabric in September.
  • American Made Brand
    Solids by Clothworks in Seattle

Having trouble finding fabric that is truly Made in USA? Look no further. American Made Brand Fabric by Clothworks is here. 100% cotton shirting, grown in America, woven in America, dyed in America, and at a price point you can afford. Now that’s cause for a quilting celebration! Let’s raise the Betsy Ross. But first take a minute to run your hand across some beautifully soft cotton made by your neighbor. It feels wonderful and is only available at independent quilt shops and other fine fabric retailers.

* We'll be getting packets of solids of these at our June WSM meeting! The challenge will be to bring a small quilt to the Fall Open House.

Click here to see the AMB fabrics we have now.

They're doing a blog tour of all 50 states.  Check it out here!

  • Stitchery is in!  We're seeing lots of substantial stitchery on quilts, not red-work style but to accent your quilt.  This book is a good resource and is in our shop and on our website.

  • Hexagons are Huge 
    Big or small, hexagons are everywhere.  We'll be offering our Sexy Hexies class again this fall.

  • Civil War/Period Pieces are coming back and being used in different ways.  Mix them with large scale prints and solids.
    Here's what we have now!  Reproduction Fabrics

  • Houndstooth is everywhere!  Cozy Cotton Houndstooth

  • Low Volume Prints are being used for backgrounds.
    Here are some starter staks.

  • It's the Year of the Deer! 
    are showing up everywhere.

  •  Metallics are making a comeback.  Look for subtle dustings and tone on tones. These will mix well with other cottons.

    Batting! Batting! Batting!
    Carol Parks and Janet Murdock gave us all kinds of information about batting.  
    • Did you know that batting is directional and has a top and a bottom?
    • The smooth side goes down if there's a scrim on the outside.
      (Scrim is the binder or thin netting/fabric that the cotton is needle punched through for stability. It is sometimes on the outside and sometimes on the inside of the batting)
    • If the scrim is inside the batting, the ball side goes down.
    • Dark fabrics can show more bearding, so use dark batting.
    • If you want lots of loft and to see definition with your quilting, double batt it.  Put the wool on the bottom and a cotton or poly on top.
    • If you are making an "Art Quilt" or want a flat quilt, use a thin batt or even a flannel, just so the stitches have something to sink into.
    • The crinkled look comes from the bating shrinking when washed.  Check the packaging for shrinkage percentage. Pre-wasehd fabric with non-preshrunk batting achieves the best "pucker".
    • Wool batting is actually the coolest and lightest batt because it breathes.
    • Heat Press Batting Tape is a fantastic product for joining scraps of batt together. "It's the duck tape of batting."
    • Silk and wool batts are nice for hand stitching.
    • The tighter the quilting, the less warm and cuddly the quilt will be.

      New Books just in:
      Click on the book to get more information and look inside.

    Show And Tell

    Betsy's Mystery Quilt - She didn't like it until Janet Murdock quilted it.

    Elisa's Fall Leaves

    Janet's Scrap Cross Quilt - with low volume background fabrics

    Carol made a cross quilt using scraps and a low volume background fabric. She calls it  "O-Positive"

    Lauren - used Marcia Derse fabrics

    Mallory's - Pop Rocks

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bridges of Portland Now! Information and Quilt Entry

WestSide Modern
Bridges of Portland Now!

You can download your entry form here.


  • It is free to have your quilt displayed at the Northwest Quilting Expo in September.
  • Turn in your quilt information sheet to Geri at The Pine Needle or email it to by June 15th. 
    (Not your quilt… just the form)

  • The Bridge Quilt reveal will be in July (date TBA). Please don’t reveal your quilt to anyone until then!
  • If you would like your quilt to be judged, you need to complete the
    Northwest Quilting Expo form and pay $15 by August 15th.  
    Entry forms can be found at:
  • Drop off your completed quilt to The Pine Needle beginning August 15th.
  • Please feel free to call The Pine Needle if you have additional questions (503) 635-1353.


WestSide Modern
Bridges of Portland Now!
Quilt Information Form    (This form is due June 15th!)

Your Name:                _________________________________________
Your Phone #:            _________________________________________

Your Email:                _________________________________________

Name of Bridge:        _________________________________________

Name of Your Quilt:  _________________________________________

Quilt Dimensions:      _________________________________________

Inspiration behind your quilt (100 words or less)










Friday, May 16, 2014

Focus on Batiks

April WestSide Modern Meeting - Focus on Batiks

At April 30th's meeting, we focused on batiks.

At first, "Modern Quilters" wouldn't touch batiks, but the modern and traditional worlds are starting to converge and we explored all things batik.

Reba, from "Majestic Batiks" was our guest speaker.  She's a local girl and her family owns Majestic Batiks. She recently returned from Indonesia and shared all kinds of information about how batiks are used and made.  She even got to be part of the dying process!  WE learned that Indonesia is made up of 13,000 islands, has 365 languages, and just as many styles of batiks. Batiks are a tradition in Indonesia. They don't use them for quilts... it's too hot for quilts on the equator.  They are used in clothing, sarongs, bags, etc. 

The process includes dying the fabric once, putting it out to dry in the sun with soda ash. Wax is apllied and the fabric is stamped with hand made copper tjaps for each color in the design. The fabric is bleached and rinsed after step, put through a "no bleed" process, through a hand cranked machine and placed in the sun to dry.  It takes 6 days to make one bolt of fabric! 

The Pine Needle carries her color-fast batiks. Look for them here!

Tjaps for new designs
Hanging to dry after first 3-die session (day 3)
Hand waxing process (day 4)

Geri gave some tips on how to use batiks in modern quilting.
 Mix them with solids or blacks and whites.
Use them in a modern pattern.

More tips on working with batiks:

NeedlesUse 80/12 Schmetz Universal needles for going through the heavier cloth.  Change your needle every 8 hours.

Thread:   use 50 wt. thread

Mary Ellen's Best Press - spray 8-12 inches away from fabric.  it crisps up pre-washed fabric. 

Synthrapol:  to pre-wash batiks and set the color.  To test for color fastness, spray the fabric with water, iron it or rub it onto muslin to see if it bleeds.

Rotary Cutter - use a sharp blade

Challenge Block - Orchid

We shared challenge blocks from our February meeting using the Pantone Color of the year - Orchid.

Show and Tell
And last but not least... the ever popular Show and Tell - Wow - what a talented group of women.

Ann Crowder won Mo Biddel's Fat Quarter pack at an earlier WSM meeting and made this Avalon Quilt.
The Avalon pattern is from International Quilt Festival 2011/2012

Barbara's - Canby Quilt Guild 15th Anniversary

Barbara's Table Runner

Connie Brown's - Half Baked

Connie's quilt for her Granddaughter's High School Graduation

Mallory's Triangle Quilt for her Grandson

Nancy's Honeycomb quilt from the book, "Modern Patchwork" by Elizabeth Hartman
 It has Minky on the back!

Sally's Missoula Flood Quilt

Sandy's Sexy Hexies  - from the pattern "Science Fair" by Jaybird Quilts

Join us On May 28th for our next meeting.