Thursday, December 11, 2014

Susan Beal shows off Pendleton wools

In November, the WestSide Modern Quilt Club met for their monthly meeting and were met with oodles of wool showcased by guest speaker, Susan Beal. Susan also gave a brief history of Pendleton Wool; highlights from her new book, Hand Stitched Home.

Discussion continued about the upcoming theme for next year's Quilt Expo exhibit: Portland, The Pearl.  Geri inspired the group by sharing an article written by Margie Boule: "Pearl District's namesake was a jewel of a woman".   

"Pearl loved the gritty neighborhood and foresaw that it someday would be filled with creative people. These old, crusty exteriors on the buildings are like the exterior of the oyster shell. But inside it's amazing: There are literally thousands of people inhabiting them, some illegally . . . not only painters and sculptors, but software-makers, wine distributors, poets and musicians."

The format of the quilts will emulate a magazine: all portrait orientation and 32" x 44". Ideas for linking the quilts together with either a script or perhaps a pearl were offered.  Geri will be having sign-ups for various topics and parts of the "magazine".  The quilts will need to be completed by September 1, 2015.

A collection of beautiful quilts were shared by Ann Crowder, Debbie Sroggy, Elisa Corcoran, Carol Wilborn, Marjorie Elliott, and Sally Hass.

Crowder's hospital-inspired quilt
Scroggy's Tula-inspired quilt
Corcoran used her new Nova

Corcoran with a charity quilt

Wilborn's Intuitive Design Quilt

Elliott's Double Dutch quilt

Hass' quilt took on a variety of styles

An amazing job by everyone! Great background stories were shared on each one.  If you see these talented ladies, ask them about their quilts!

By Susan Beal

Susan started off the evening with a short synopsis of her book regarding the history of the Pendleton Woolen Mill. She shared photos and stories and relished her time wearing white gloves while researching in the archives! Thomas Kay arrived in Oregon in 1863 and eventually took over the mill in Pendleton in the early 1900's. Family-owned and operated for more than six generations, they continue to offer Native American-inspired designs, unique plaids and beautiful jacquards.

Late in the 1940's, after WWII ended, leisure activities were becoming more popular and Pendleton realized that women were ordering their goods. In 1949, they premiered a single garment, the "49er" - an unlined women's jacket. This is still their single most popular design and now women's-wear is the largest part of Pendleton's business.

In the early 1960's, California surfers were wearing wool shirts as early wet suits. The Beach Boys (who actually started out their career as the Pendletones) then made Pendleton wool an overnight sensation by wearing plaid wool shirts on their album cover.

In 1990, Pendleton partnered with the American Indian College Fund to honor their 1st customers. Pendleton began exclusively making trading blankets and could mass produce Indian master-weaver designs.

Q: Can the wool be washed?
A: Some are machine washable and they won't even felt or shrink! For other wools the default is to dry clean them. Care instructions can be found on the Pendleton website.

Q: How did you start being interested in Pendleton wools?
A: I always admired the clothing and blankets and in 2008 I saw the Centennial Blanket at the Oregon State Fair. My interest developed from there. I designed one wool quilt for my book Modern Log Cabin. I approached Pendleton about doing this book and they were very excited as they had never done a book before.

Q: Is wool hard to cut?
A: One amazing thing about the wool is that you can just make a little snip at the edge (through the selvage), and you can tear a clean and straight line! Note: you can't tear blanket fabric.

Q: What about seam allowances?
A: I usually do seam allowances at 1/2"

Q: Do you use batting for your wool quilts?
A: No. You can, but you will find that the weight of the wool is plenty without. Hint: if you use heavier wool on the pieced side, use a lighter weight on the back. Top-stitching also adds a nice touch.

Q: What about moths?
A: I store my wools with cedar. Pendleton also recommends that you air your garments between wearing.

NEXT MEETING (December 17)
Join us at the next meeting and bring a Pin Cushion (for a gift exchange) and 3 dozen cookies (for a cookie exchange. And don't forget to bring your Show and Tell quilts! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Elizabeth Hartman "wow's" Westside Modern Quilters

The WestSide Modern gals were at it again. Their meeting on the 29th of October featured guest speaker, Elizabeth Hartman, who was there to talk about her new book Patchwork City which will be available shortly.

Before Elizabeth got started, the big news of the night was all the buzz over the Bridges of Portland quilts at the Quilt Expo held at the end of September. Honoring those quilts, the Port of Portland would like to display selected quilts at the airport! The following quilts were selected:

  • St. John's Bridge (by Sharon Rauch)
  • Morrison Bridge at Night (by Lisa Crnich)
  • Riveting - Steel Bridge (by Mary Kay Price)
  • Girders Look Up - Oregon City Bridge (by Susan Borger)
  • St. John's Bridge (by Carol Wilborn)
  • Arch Bridge - Oregon City Bridge (by Adrian and Key Wegner)
  • The Bridge of Life (by Janet Murdock)
  • St. John's Bridge (by Gerrie Thompson)
  • Bridge Lift - Hawthorne Bridge (by Linda Dyer)
  • Tillicum Crossing (By Virginia Hammon)
  • St. John's Belly - St. John's Bridge (by Janet Surbrook)
  • A Path to St. John's (by Carol Wilborn)
Next year's quilt theme for the Expo is under discussion. Geri is challenging the group to come up with a "Magazine in Fabric" all about Portland's Pearl District. This will be discussed further at the next meeting (on November 19) with sign-ups for various parts of the "magazine".

The display at the airport will be from November 4, 2014 through April 30! 


New books to check out!

 The Little Spark by Carry Bloomston    A Month of Sundays by Cheryl Arkison   My Life in Fabric by Valori Wells

Geri also shared some fabulous new Alison Glass fabrics and Yarn Dyes that will be coming in after the first of the year and be available in a fun new quilt kit.


Kathy White's 1/2 square triangle quilt
Lily Logan's Irish Linen quilt
Kathy White shared her quilt that she made in Katie Pederson's Double Trouble Quilt Workshop at the Quilt Expo.  She said that this type of 1/2-square triangle quilt would be perfect for leftovers! (Left)

Lily Logan also showed off her very first attempt at a quilt with linen she purchased in Ireland. (Right)
Gerri Linardos with her challenge piece
Mallory Jarbol's Foxes
Pam Grogan's Fox quilt

Gerri Linardos showed off her 20" x 14" challenge piece featuring solids, batiks and prints (above left). Mallory Jarboe (center) and Pam Grogan (right) both showed their versions of Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Fox pattern.


Following up on her two previous books (Practical guide to patchwork, and Modern Patchwork), Elizabeth's latest book, Patchwork City, is about to hit the store shelves. This new book features 75 block patterns for modern quilts, 7 quilt projects and a multitude of "How-to's".

Elizabeth also brought a sampling of her wonderful quilts.  She had great advice and tips and even brought fun and playful patterns for purchase.

TIP: How to quilt on a regular machine
  • "Wear" the quilt on your body to help move it around.
  • Start from the back and pull it toward you - it is much easier to see where you are going.
  • Push your table against a wall.  This helps manage the weight of the quilt and prevents it from falling off the table.
  • Work on one quadrant at a time.
TIP: Quilting spirals
  • Use a walking foot 
  • Trace a circle in the middle and work out from their using the width of the foot
TIP: Helping with design
  • Take a picture of your design wall. It gives you a different perspective on your work.
  • Take a black and white photo. It shows you values better to help balance your piece.
  • Use gray as a background color and even incorporate it into the block. This helps make the colors "pop" (she finds that black is a bit harsh).
  • When quilting, use a thread the same color as your lightest piece.  Whiter quilting stitches look better on dark colors than darker quilting stitches on lighter colors.  The darker quilting stitches on lighter pieces detracts from the design.
Below are some examples of some of the quilts that she brought:


Ann Johnston will be the quest speaker at the next Lake Oswego Women's Coalition luncheon.
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Time: 11:30 (Preview of quilts), Noon (lunch), 12:30 (slide show) Q&A follows.
RSVP: To Jackie (503-747-2573)
Fee: LOWC members $19 (non-members $21) cash or check.
Ann will be available to autograph her books, some will be available for purchase.

NEXT MEETING (November 19)
Join us and bring a friend! Guest speaker will be Susan Beal who will be giving us a slide show about the history of Pendleton.  She will also be signing her new book!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

July WestSide Modern Meeting Notes

July 22nd WestSide Modern Meeting
New Fall Classes at The Pine Needle

Geri announced some upcoming classes with Violet Craft, Cristina Cameli and Rachel Kerley. They will fill fast and WSM has first option on them.  Click to register.

Violet Craft
Cristina Cameli 
Rachel Kerley     

Bridges of Portland - "The Big Reveal"  
Wednesday August 27th at Millennium Park  
(bring your quilt in a bag so no one can peak)
6:00 potluck.... Bring anything you'd like to share. All are welcome.

Challenge - American Made Brand Challenge - Pillow Palooza
Make a pillow …..of any size for yourself…..for your home……
Bring it in to win at the big reveal in August.
It will be a viewer’s choice……. the winner gets one of the stacks of fabrics.

Show and Tell

Kathy hand dyed her swift fabric for the Bridge Challenge

Barbara's Bright Marbled Star with straight line quilting

Jennifer's Michael Miller Challenge

Guest Speaker - Michelle Freedman - Gen Q Magazine

Michelle is a contributor to Generation Q magazine and Stitch 'n Swap. She has a background in art and textile design for apparel.

She shared drawings of some of her favorite fabric designs that she made for Fred Meyer, Hannah Anderson, Lucy Activewear. She has made lots of apparel.

Her first quilt squares were out of brown calicoes. She keeps it on her wall for inspiration. (left)

Violet Craft invited her to a modern quilt guild meeting... but she had never quilted.

She fell in love with quilting.

She showed her sketch book which inspired this tic-tac-toe quilt. (right)

A tempera tea cup inspired 
a quilt out of Pendleton wool. (left) 

She used a needle made for sail boat sails.

She joined two bees (by mistake) and sewed  2 blocks a month.

She didn't know any of the rules or terms.

This quilt was Inspired by Hawaii (right) She Loves HST's she played around with them. This is called "Shoreline" was in Stitches magazine last summer.

Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge called "Trip Around the Sun" (left) with wonky flying geese. She added hand stitching and pebble quilting

When thinking about design, she plays the game... Name that tune. How many ways can I make this block? Or change it? Or name it?

She gave us each a copy of the premiere issue of Gen Q magazine!!!!!

She showed us the quilt on the cover of the latest Gen Q Magazine. (left) She used Dear Stella's dots... Finished 6" blocks. This used some of her favorite techniques. Called the "Color Carnival Row Along".  Quilted by Rachel Kerley.

There are submission guidelines on the Gen Q website for us to submit our own ideas.

Questions.... What trends do you see coming?
  • Navy blue, purple, inky rich colors. 
  • Butterflies
  • Deer antlers
  • the same block but in different sizes - blocks within blocks
  • Sew mama sew has a good trend report
  • hand dyed fabric
  • Artisan hand sewing  to add some interest (especially on solid colors)
  • Mixing of materials
  • Sashiko stitching

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WestSide Modern June Meeting

Notes from June WestSide Modern Club Meeting

The Northwest Quilting Expo is just around the corner.

  •  Classes are online and can be signed up for here.
  • There is going to be a wearable art show and wine tasting Friday night the 26th,
  • Laura Wasilowski is one of our featured guest speakers and teacher
  • Our Bridge quilts are a featured exhibit -- we need some more Sellwood and Burnside. We need the quilts in August beginning Aug 15th, and for sure by Sept 1.
  • The great reveal will be in August - date TBA

 Row by Row Experience begins July 1 nation-wide shop hop.  This is our row.

Hi-lites of new books and patterns and fabrics:

American Made Brand
at a great price of $7.75
Stitch 'N Swap By: Jake Finch
Daily Zen: Quilts & Projects

Best tool = seam roller It's arched so it doesn't score the fabric. Great for short seams and paper piecing and pressing seams open also great with shapes with bias edges. Steam will stretch the seams, this doesn't! 

We're offering a Machine Quilting class this Fall- by Christina Cameli, author of "First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting". This is a great book with do-able projects.  Buckets, pillows table runners. She's very encouraging. 

Show and Tell

Terry's Intuitive Quilt

Linda's Modern Quilt
Mallory's Retreat Quilt
 Maxine shared two quilt tops made with the same fabrics.

Pam's Blue and Yellow Batik Star
Ellen's off-centered circles quilted by Debbie Scroggy

Guest Speaker - Violet Craft 

Violet (the designer of the bridge fabric), showed us her 4th line of fabrics called Brambleberry Ridge - due to be released soon.  It depicts her love of mid century, her grandmother's aqua blue house, mirrored gold tiles, and costume jewelry.  All of her collections have to do with Portland and the Northwest. This collection is very soft.

She also shared some quilts and pillows made with this fabric.

Breeze Blossoms Pillows
Broken Herringbone -class coming this Fall to the Pine Needle
Breeze Blossoms

Forest Abstractions - Block of the Month Class coming this Fall to The Pine Needle

July Meeting - DATE CHANGE

Tuesday, July 22nd is our next meeting 
with guest speaker Michelle Friedman from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild who will talk about Improvisational Quilting.