Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jan Anderson Quilt

I made this from the College Classic quilt kit as a Christmas present for my daughter Ashley and her fiance Ryan--they are big Duck fans!

Small amounts of fabrics were left over after the blocks were cut so I decided that they would be just the right size for Oregon "O" s appliques--just to make sure they knew it was an Oregon quilt. I also sewed some of the scraps together and cut a continuous spiral binding for it.

The fabric was a dream to sew and it went together pretty quickly. This is the first quilt that I made from start to finish, including the quilting--my sister helped my sew the binding down because she knows I don't like it very much--thanks, Elaine! I actually got it finished for Christmas--which my family considers the real Christmas miracle!

It is the favorite snuggle quilt--even for Penny, their dog, who is peeking from under the quilt.

Jan Anderson

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