Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Portland: The Pearl sneak peak

Westside Modern Quilt Club

At the end of August, 2015, the club got together for a pot-luck and had a sneak peak of their Portland: The Pearl collection being submitted to the NW Quilting expo. 

THE BIG REVEAL followed. Here are a couple of photos to wet your whistle for the big show at the end of September.

July 2015 WestSide Modern Quilt Club Meeting


The Quilt Knit Stitch Show will be at the convention center August 13-15. The Pine Needle will be there and would love to have you stop by.

Portland: The Pearl quilts for Expo will have a "Big Reveal" party on August 26th at Millennium Park in Lake Oswego at 6:00 pm. It will be a potluck and assignments are as follows:
A-G: Hot Dish    H-P: Salad    Q-Z: Dessert

No meeting in September! (Due to NW Quilting Expo)

If anyone is interested in finding a place to hang our Pearl quilts after the show, we are looking for volunteers.


While there is a large selection of batting available to the public, The Pine Needle chooses to carry Quilter's Dream batting which is a very high quality of batting. Quilter's Dream has a large variety of types of batting  - here are some of them we really like:
  • Dream Cotton: available in 4 different lofts. These are very popular and are 100% cotton available in either white or neutral. The Select version is used by the majority of our customers.
  • Polyester: This is a great product also. It feels like cotton and is available in white in 3 lofts.
  • Dream Green: This one uses recycled plastic and is very light.
  • Dream Angel: Is flame-retardant and available in 2 lofts
  • Orient: Is a combination of Bamboo, silk, and tensil - super soft
  • Wool: This batting is machine washable and does not shrink. It doesn't hold creases like cotton. It is light and airy and shows quilting nicely.


 Ellen Mickanin shared "Party Animal"  (pictured on left)

From Pam Raby's Intuitive Design Class, Cheryl Walden shared her masterpiece (pictured on right)

Elisa Corcoran shared "Hydrangeas" (pictured on left)

"Squares with Friends" by Kristine Milio is a take-off of Tula Pink. It is for her niece's wedding (obvious Seahawks fans)
(pictured on right)

Frances Barns sewed "Bertie's Bungalow" using 30 fabrics. Quilted by Dawn Graf (pictured on left)

Jo Noble created this amazing Embroidery Sampler (pictured on right)

Triangles "floating on blue" by Ellen Lane is pictured on left.

Sandy Vick shared "leaves" - an applique quilt (pictured on right)

 Donna, with the Westside Quilter's Guild in Hillsboro, shared the quilt they are raffling (only $1 per ticket or 6 for $5!). It will hang in the store awhile so that everyone can enjoy it.


Shelly's mother taught her how to sew at age 6. Life happened and when she was in her 20's, she got into sewing again; sewing for girls as a nanny, and sewing for her own kids (boys).  Although she has quilted and considers it an art, she says that she just doesn't much have the patience for it to be a full-on quilter!

She started an Etsy business 9 years ago where she made and sold her works (until she was notified that she could not sell products made from other people's patterns. Shelly then started designing her own patterns and made sure that others could also use it to make and sell products.  When she moved to Portland, she received mentoring on how to make and perfect her patterns.

Shelly wanted to do more, so she started Figgy's Designs and started teaching kids to sew from her home. She has had over 600 kids come through her classes.

Her first book, Sewing for Boys (from newborn to 7-8 year olds) was a big success. She realized that there was a need for "tween" patterns and clothes, so her second book, Miss Figgy's Garment School for Girls, by CT Publishing, will be out in September. This book starts with basics, like tank tops, and moves on to shirts and other clothing as well as accessories. She covers all different types of fabrics. The girls pictured in the book are some of her students.

Q: How many are typically in your classes? A: Never over 6.

Q: Do you have a sewing studio? A: I am currently teaching out of my home in Lake Oswego, but will be moving the operation to a retail space. It will be called "Urban Makery" and they will work additionally with yarn, jewelry, and even baking! He goal is to be a mentor to others.

Q: Do you have both boys and girls in your classes? A: Yes, for about every 10 classes, we have one boy-only class.

Q: What are the ages that you teach? A: From 6 years old to 13 and then some older students.

Q: Do they have to bring their own machine?  A: She does have some they can use, but have a deal to receive a discount from Common Thread.

Q: Do you start everyone off at the same base level? A: Yes, she goes over the basics, like threading the machine and seam allowances by sewing small projects. The kids set the tempo. She does lay down basic safety rules as well (like don't touch anything silver!). There is a great Janome video on how to thread the machine that she sends the parents.

At the new place, she will also have an hourly rate plus a supply fee available for those who want to come in and work on their own projects. She will be carrying the types of fabrics that the quilt store doesn't: Knits, home deco, and buttons, etc. For older kids they will even have faux fur and leather.

Q: Do you use sergers?  A: We use a stretch stitch which works great.

Q: Do you teach them how to put in zippers?  A: Yes. Every class! We use Wonder Tape, which is a fantastic product. Our techniques let them know that what may seem difficult, usually isn't. 

Q: Do you every have a fashion show? A: Yes. We might even do one at Geri's next Open House.

Q: Do you adjust the patterns to fit their size?  A: Our patterns are simple, so adjusting them is simple. I cover this in the new book.

Q: Do you have a website?  A:  Yes. Figgiespatterns.com has patterns. Our new brand will have everything: http://www.nicandfigs.com/. 

Next Regular Meeting: October 28