Sunday, February 21, 2016

February2016 Westside Modern Quilt Club Meeting

What a pleasure it is to see our classroom fill up on meeting nights. It must be the jokes!

Geri went over the challenge details (see previous post) and announced that in lieu of a March meeting we are organizing a docent-led tour of the "Contemporary Native Photographers and the Edward Curtis Legacy exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. It will be on March 30th at 10:00am. Please call Geri at the shop to sign up.

Quite a few ladies shared their log cabin variations (our "assignment" from last month). Maryanne cut a log cabin block and rearranged it in many variations to great effect. Cathy played with width. Rosalind's were a very pretty red and aqua. Mary Pat's were wonky and inspired by the colors of a sunset. Betsy brought a log cabin quilt she made as a mystery, and while the blocks were traditional, she had a lot of fun experimenting with different layouts. Kathy knit her log cabin!

Geri showed off our new Me + You batiks which have a great, flexible aesthetic. They pair perfectly with each other, especially for a Modern vibe, but are also equally comfortable with traditional batiks or prints. By the way, we love them in this "Illumination" quilt kit.

The best part of the night though, was Rachel Kerley, our guest speaker this month. In her charming, humorous style, she shared her quilts philosophy on making. She strives for excellent craftsmanship paired with flexible, improvisational design (she likes cutting with scissors because it "creates a look of unstraightness"). Though she uses prints almost exclusively, her style is Modern because, as she says, "It's not the paint that makes it Modern, it's the painter."

Show and Tell:
Cathy shared an art quilt inspired by a Beach Walk and a tree scene inspired by a class with the late Joan Colvin.

Deslee brought a triangle quilt in rich batiks.

Holly and Susan Dottarar made a fun school auction quilt featuring the childrens' handprints as umbrellas.

Robin brought a stunning red and white quilt (that was exhibited at IQF's Ruby Jubilee in Houston last year), showcasing the art deco architecture of the Chicago Board of Trade building.

Sandy showed off a bright diamond quilt made from a friend's collection of Hawaiian fabrics.

Keep bringing your Show and Tell, we love to see everyone's creativity.

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