Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farmers Wife Quilts

More Farmers Wife Quilts

Sandi Ray began a series of classes at The Pine Needle Quilt Shop
making the Farmers Wife Quilt.  
When she passed away, Maggie Hayes took over the series.

"The Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt" by Laurie Aaron Hird 
features 111 different 6" blocks.  

Though the blocks are all the same, 
each quilt has a different personality and feel based on color choices.

These quilts took about a year to make.  Some are still in progress.
This quilt was quite an undertaking for each of these women
and we couldn't be more pleased with how beautiful they all are.

Carol Cooper

Cathie Gleeson

Charel Walker

Charlotte Winters

Ellen Starr

Karen Bondarowicz

Karon Reese

Peggy Friedl-Yee

Sue Arndt

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  1. I LOVE Carol Cooper's quilt!! I just started The Farmer's Wife Quilt and keep looking at her blocks to get color/fabric ideas for my blocks:-)