Monday, July 31, 2017

Seen At The Quilt Show (Part 4)

We almost forgot to share a last few quilts. There's a theme to these: trees!

"Ode To The Trees" by Sarah Sharp has none of the expected green, but sparkles in a classic blue and white color combo. It's fresh and modern, yet wholly traditional at the same time.

"De Beem (Trees)" by Lindsey Neil was part of the Best of QuiltCon exhibit and is sublime in it's simplicity. One thing that can get missed in viewing quilts like this online is the small or surprise details only seen up close, like the floral binding that perfectly finishes this lovely quilt.

"Mountain Scene" by Heather Black hits all the right design notes. Circles, triangles, and rectangles read easily as clouds, mountains, and water. Each area has it's own quilting design too. Beautiful.

It's been great fun seeing quilts from all over the country, and as always, we look forward to returning next year. Of course, we've got the Northwest Quilt Expo in September to look forward to as well, so there's always great quilt inspiration at hand!

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  1. Thank you for including my quilt in your Sisters recap. I really enjoyed reading your blog posts about the show. Even though I was there I still didn't see some of the quilts your posted. Thanks again!!