Friday, July 31, 2015

Portland: The Pearl

The PEARL District is an area of Portland formerly occupied by warehouses, light industry, and railroad classification yards and now is noted for its art galleries, upscale businesses and residences.  

The area had been undergoing significant urban renewal since the mid-1980s, including the arrival of artists, the removal of a viaduct, and the construction of the Portland Street Car and has since been reclassified from industrial to mixed-use.

Learning how the area got its name and how impactful that was to our artistic heritage, it somehow demanded to be represented in fabric.

Please go to our Blog Site ( and read about Pearl Amhara.  A truly informative and inspiring story.
Because of the history of the area, and because of the renovation that it has experienced, it reminded me of the juxtaposition of Traditional Quilting and Modern Quilting and the common relationship of both.

Quilting has undergone a transformation as well and this exhibit will be a combination of that journey.

WestSide Modern Quilt Club, sponsored by The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego Oregon, would like to invite you to participate in our 2015 project entitled: Portland: The Pearl

Project Description
Our mission is to create a 32” x 44” finished piece representing your interpretation of a Pearl District image.

This exhibit is not necessarily a pictorial exhibition, but rather a Modern-style representation.

The quilt exhibit will be hung in a magazine-style format with facing quilts which will act as pages and will debut at the Portland Northwest Quilting Expo September 24, 25, and 26, 2015.

This challenge is open to anyone interested in participating.  It is not required to be a member of the WestSide Modern Quilt Club.

Below are some ideas for your information but, of course, you can develop any image that you find inspiring:

The Armory
Union Station
The Alphabet Streets
Lovejoy Columns
First Thursday
White Stag Sign
Powell’s Books
Jamison Park
Urban Renewal
Loading Docks
Weinhardt Brewery
China Town
Portland Street Car
Pearls/Iron/Black Jewelry/ Gardenia (Look up the story of Pearl Amhara on the Pine Needle Blog site to understand this input into the area)
North Park Blocks
NW Industrial Triangle

To name just a few ideas………
We have someone doing our COVER and someone doing our Table of Contents page, so your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to create a Modern quilt of Portland: The Pearl.

Each piece must finish at 32”x44”.  Each piece must have a rod pocket (see below)

Rod Pockets
Rod pockets should be flush with the top, or at the bottom edge of a binding (if the binding is not larger than 1/2" wide). The rod pocket or sleeve should be a double pocket so the rod does not touch the back of the quilt and finish at 4" wide. The length of the rod pocket or sleeve should be equal to the width of the quilt, or no more than 1/2" shorter than the width of the quilt.

Expo Entry
Each piece must have an entry form found in the NW Quilting Expo flyer or on line at  It is free to have your Portland The Pearl quilt showcased at Northwest Quilting Expo.

However, if you desire your piece to be judged (optional) you must then follow the guidelines of NW Expo for judging.

Each quilt must come with a type written (75 words or less) ….description of the theme of your piece. Including your name.

Preferably with a copy sent to

Due Date
Each completed piece is due August 15, 2015

Our Big Reveal Pot Luck will be at Millennium Park in Lake Oswego on Wednesday, August 27, 2015. (Last names beginning with A-G bring a hot dish, H-P bring a salad, Q-Z bring desert).

Please do not reveal your quilt to anyone prior to the Millennium Park Pot luck.

Once you have decided to work on this project, we would appreciate a phone call or email letting us know of your intent, only so that we have an idea of how many pages will be in our exhibit.  Not mandatory but appreciated.

Last year our Bridges of Portland was elected to hang at the PDX airport. This year I am working with the City of Portland Travel to see what they can do for us. I will keep you all informed.
I WANT your work exposed!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the store (503-635-1353) and ask for Geri.  I will, hopefully, be able to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to working with you.  I am SURE it will be the Talk of the Town!


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