Friday, February 8, 2013

Trend Watch - Ikats

Welcome to "Trend Watch"

The Pine Needle is in tune with the latest and upcoming trends and we are leading the industry into the future. This is no longer just your grandmother's quilting. It is an art form and expression of fashion. We'd like to let you know what's new and upcoming in the quilting and fabric world so you can better understand what you are seeing in stores, magazines and shows and incorporate it into your quilting.

This month, the trend and term we want to introduce you to is ikat.  

Proucounced (ēkät) , it is an Indonesian word meaning to tie or bind.  It is a universal weaving style popular in many cultures from Southeast Asia, South America to the Middle East. You will be seeing a lot of ikat in fashion and home dec.  

It is a traditional decorative technique in which warp and/or weft threads are tie-dyed before weaving.  This design is often characterized by triangular shapes with details similar to brush strokes  to achieve a water color effect.  The colors are usually vibrant and bold. The beauty is in its imperfection.  This bohemian style reflects our global village and brightens any room.

We found lots of examples on the "Architecture of Life" blog.  Take a look at these images to get an idea of what ikat is all about.

Here at the Pine Needle, we have fabrics and quilt patterns that showcase this trend.

Keep an eye out for ikats!

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