Thursday, November 8, 2012

Westside Modern Club at The Pine Needle

    Modern Quilting - What is it?  
The newly forming WestSide Modern Club 
at The Pine Needle Quilt Shop explores this quilting trend.  

On October 24th, about 40 quilters gathered at The Pine Needle 
to explore what the Modern Quilt Movement is all about.  
How is it different from Contemporary or Art Quilting? What defines it? 

We were encouraged to know that "Modern Quilting" is not an age, but a mindset. 

 It's breaking some of the rules.  It's asymmetrical.  It uses lots of solids and bold fabrics.  

We explored the color gray, looked at lots of Modern Quilting books, heard about some of Pam's favorite blogs, and viewed a slide show of examples of modern quilts.

The next meeting of the Westside Modern Club
will be on November 28th.  
We'll begin with a social hour at 5:30 
and start our meeting with show and tell at 6:00.  
This is a brand new club and we are open to all sorts of ideas.  

As our challenge, Geri gave us each a piece of this gray fabric and asked us to come up with a 12x12 modern quilt block incorporating this fabric for our next meeting. 

All grays are not created equally.  
Some are cool with yellow undertones and some are warm with blue undertones.  

Pam Raby, one of our fabulous instructors, presented "What is the Modern Quilter?"  

Pam Raby

These are the Characteristics of the Modern Quilt:

  • Simplified and/or improvisational forms
  • Large-scale patchwork
  • Use of negative space
  • Whites, grays or other solid fabric
  • Interpretation of traditional quilting
  • Simple, straight lines of quilting
  • Utility (functional quilts)
  • Pieced backs

Here are highlights from the slide show 
that showed lots of examples of modern quilts.

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