Thursday, June 21, 2012

See brilliant colors with this new lamp.

Come on in and meet Stella!
You'll have to see her to believe it.
This is a brand new kind of lamp, 
featuring 3 color spectrums (warm, natural, and cool),
and 5 levels of dimming! 

True colors at your fingertips.

Being able to distinguish and match colors has always been difficult in the sewing and quilting community- but not anymore!

Use the "Natural" setting for the purest form of white light which is the most effective way to pick and match colors.  Use "Cool" and "Warm" settings for a more inviting light while working for longer periods or late at night on that special project.

She is a 10W LED Desk Lamp - and destined to be the best most versatile desk lamp you will ever need.  Come in to see her or call us for more information.

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