Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quilts for Cares Northwest

Quilts for Cares Northwest

Check out this group of kids who each made a quilt for Cares Northwest.  Wow!  

Quilts are given to children seen at Cares Northwest, 
an evaluation center for abused and neglected kids.  
Cares Northwest is part of the Legacy Foundation of hospitals in Portland, Oregon.

Quilts are collected and given to babies to 18 year olds.  The need is great.  
Abused and neglected children in the program are in need of comforting quilts 
as they go through the exams and evaluation process.

Did you know that The Pine Needle originated this program for abused kids many years ago?

You can participate in this amazing program in one of many ways.
      • You can donate fabric.
      • You can donate a finished quilt made either from your own fabrics.
      • You can pick up a kit in the store made up of donated fabric and sew a quilt.
      • You can join a monthly group at The Pine Needle to work on these quilts

We need quilts in all sizes:   
42x42 baby quilts
50x50 small child's quilt
50x72 for a teenager.

Call us or come into the store for more information.  


  1. my step daughter brought her quilt with her to our house.... i asked her where she got it from and she told us it was from Cares! :)
    she needed an evaluation there, and they gave it to her, and it's now her favorite blanket. thank you so much, from a very thankful parent. it really helps the kids when they need to be there.